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Welcome to Novosibirsk

    Welcome to Novosibirsk - the capital of Siberia. "Siberia" sounds like something cold and far. It is probably somewhere near the North Pole, which implies permafrost, the Northern lights, bears, people roaming the streets bundled in fur coats and hats.

    Have we frightened you very much?

    And now, wouldn't you like to know what our city, which is situated on the same latitude as Moscow, Hamburg and Copenhagen, is really like? The city is situated in the central part of Eurasia, The climate here is rather continental with cold winters and hot summers. The average winter temperature is -18°C to -22°C. In summer it is +22°C. On those rare days when it is from +30°C to +35°C in the sun, the water temperature in the river Ob is often more than +22°C. In Novosibirsk there are many sunny days, averaging 2100 hours a year. The average quantity of precipitation in this area is 300-400 mm. The most attractive season here is spring and the beginning of summer with sunny weather and short warm rains, and also September, famous for its "Indian summer".

    Novosibirsk is one of the biggest cities in Russia, a leading center of advanced science and technologies in eastern Russia; an important transport junction between Western Europe and Eastern Asia; one of the most significant banking and wholesale trade centres. Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 owing to the construction of the Trans-Siberian railway, which extends from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean. It started as a small settlement of railway workers, and then it turned into a prosperous city, known in many parts of the world. Today Novosibirsk is connected by direct flight with some cities abroad. The rapid growth of the city is one of the distinctive features of Novosibirsk. Our city is the most rapidly growing city among those with a population of more than a million people. It reached the million mark in less than 70 years. For comparison: Chicago needed 90 years, New York - 250 years, Moscow - more than 700 years. The population of modern Novosibirsk is 1.500.000 people. The city area is 447 km. It's in 8th place among cities of the ex-Soviet republics in terms of population. But in terms of size, Novosibirsk takes 4th place after Moscow, St.Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. It is situated in the centre of Russia. This literal centre is marked by a small chapel in the city, where students from other countries like to take pictures.

    Novosibirsk is a "collegiate city". We have more than 20 universities, academics and institutes. All of these host students from various foreign countries. Novosibirsk is a scientific centre. Here there are Siberian branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Medical Science and Agricultural Sciences. Scientific institutes, residential districts of scientific workers, experimental laboratories are located in three academic towns. The Academic Town of the Russian academy of Sciences, built in the end of the 50-s may become a standard for Siberian town-building. The lay-out of the centre of Academic Town with its House of Scientists, hotel, trade centre and cinema was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Montreal in 1967.

    In 1966 the state Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science came into existence. There are 14 reading halls in the Library, where about 1000 readers can work. Its stocks contain more than 9 million various, including rare, books. By a special order of the United Nations our library has become a UN* special storehouse, which allows it to receive all UN* publications and periodicals free of charge.

    Novosibirsk is also a cultural centre with its 9 theatres, one of the best Russian philharmonic societies and symphonic orchestra, organ hall, and jazz orchestras well known in Russia. The picture gallery, the geological museum, the Museum of Local Studies always attract the attention of Novosibirskites and visitors. One may also pleasantly spend free time in night clubs, the bowling centre, small comfortable cafes and pizza places.


    In our city we respect people of all confessions and religions, therefore in addition to many Orthodox churches, there are 2 Catholic churches and two mosques as well.

    Welcome to Novosibirsk! We love our city very much and will try to do our best to make you feel at home here.


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